Personal Branding Shoot with Raven River Rest – Linda

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Linda is an incredible human who offers traditional healing and indigenous wisdom. She is actually my neighbour and we go on many nature walks together. We will be admiring nature and every 5 minutes we bend down for her to share her earthly connections and wisdom about the plants we come across, often saying “try this!” Linda is in tune with the rhythm of life.

During our personal branding photography session, she brought her sound bowls and drum. I swear I was being healed as I was taking her photographs. The sounds and rhythms of her instruments vibrated off the mountains and it felt soooo good. Let’s just say we enjoyed our time together.

How personal branding impacts your business

Personal branding goes beyond a simple portrait session. These images capture personality, values and brand identity. The purpose is for the photographs to be used for marketing and designed to tell your story. This will create an emotional connection with her audience.