Uncommon colored dress? Crazy locations? A themed wedding? You name it! I am all about stepping outside of the expected. I assume you are too! I'd love to hear about your visions for your significant day to come. Whether you're exchanging vows on a secluded beach, the depths of the forest, or amidst breathtaking landscapes. The simplistic's to complexly detailed. Iet's do this.

Weddings & Elopements for the more adventurous, artistic, down to earth couple.

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Let's collaborate and transform your creative aspirations into mesmerizing photographs that resonate with your audience and leave an indelible mark on the world. Together, we'll hold the space to be authentic and embrace YOU and your story and turn moments into unique imagery for your brand.

Visual narratives that breathe life into your ideas for artists and business owners.

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"In my portraits I hope to help you bloom in the essence of your inner vibrancy. Creating an experience to express creativity from a collaboration of unique individuals like you! Our energy & light is transferred into beautiful vibrant photographs. I want to have a positive influential impact on the people I align with." - Karysa Brossoit

Bloom in your essence with Bluminessence Portraiture. Designed to luminate your soul.



I am willing to get muddy, wet, or climb things to get that great shot. I enjoy involving the outdoors and getting in tune with the nature that surrounds us. I want to transform what I see and sense from my environment and transmit that energy into my photographs and to the people I meet. 



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